Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Is What Happens When Girls Go Camping

So Ruby and I went on a lovely lazy camping trip that involved a lot more shopping than camping! Usually this would be the part where I tell the story of our hapless shenanigans, but she has beat me to the punch and described it so well that I'm going to direct you to her blog
and instead do what she would usually do and post a lot of pictures of our adventure. Sadly they will not be as good as hers, as they were taken on my iPhone.

My favourite parts that Ruby did not mention, however, were
-Pulling over to try and look up the location of the Mill Vintage Market, only to find that we had parked RIGHT OUTSIDE it.
-find a copy of Return of the Native and Picnic at Hanging Rock for $15 collectively, at said Mill Vintage Market (as well as dresses, shoes, and a pair of vintage roller skates)
-Drinking beer and eating mixed nuts in the passenger seat and chatting about nothing and everything in particular
- Spying on people exercising down by the beach whilst trying to cook canned spagetti on an electric barbeque
-Sweet Phish

We later found out there are two Mill Vintage Markets, one in the heart of Geelong city centre, and another on the Bellerine just as you come in to Geelong. I highly recommend going to both of them, the collections are vast both in size, style and quality.

I'd also like to reiterate the fact that we got a shout out on Thursday night from Dom on Home and Hosed, even though we forgot to mention the fact that we were sleeping in the car by the beach and he probably thinks we're two sad homeless people with one mobile between us, and have nothing better to do than text in to triple j, whilst waiting for our canned goods to heat up on a public barbeque. This is only half true.

I kind of fell off the wagon ever so slightly with my Buy Nothing New Pledge; I bought Marieke Hardy's new book "You'll Be Sorry When I'm Dead". I've been such a huge fan of her writing since picking up my first Frankie magazine a couple of years ago, and couldn't wait to read her book ever since I found out she was writing one, so when I saw a whole stack of them in a bookshop in Lorne, I just couldn't help myself. But I don't feel toooo bad, because by buying this book I am supporting an author I really love and the small yet incredibly well stocked independent Lorne bookshop!

I'm about halfway through it, and I've already learned so much (sometimes more than I was prepared for) about this amazing woman, and am a few chapters away from becoming a full blown fangirl (see the Gotye post for an example of my full fangirl repertoire)

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