Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Wild

We humans, we think too highly of ourselves. We are arrogant; we believe that our way is always the right way, and in doing so, express our seemingly evolved state of compassion by forcing this way upon others, in order to save them from their apparent lack of civilisation. It is not that we should relinquish ourselves to chaos, but why is it that we force upon each other constraints of social order that go against the rest of Nature, when really, we are just animals colliding in a flurry of feathers and fleeting moments, being pulled together by our kindred souls and the breaking apart to fly somewhere where the weather is better. We take with us fistfuls of feeling and a little piece of each of the people we leave behind, carried in the new knowledge of life we have acquired in their presence. Sometimes they don’t even notice what they’re missing when we leave them, and sometimes we leave behind ragged, gaping holes that tear open in that moment when they look up to realise that we’re no longer there. It is completely animalistic in nature, and some would even call it cruel. Am I being cruel to you?
Do not take offence when I say that I am leaving you, honey, it has nothing to do with you. I just can’t stay in one place for too long, my heart will get restless and my wings will become useless. I cannot fall in love if I am always looking for somewhere else to go to. I feel as though I am always being hunted.
But know, that when I leave you, you will be keeping a small shard of me for your collection, and the piece that you have unwillingly given to my soul will be as precious to me as a lantern in the dark, for it will shield me against my own arrogance.

Photographs are from the series "Domesticated" by photographer Amy Stein. Her work is so interesting, you can check it out here
and her blog:
Words by yours truely


  1. Yes! I'd seen these photos before, but totally forgot about them. They're just amazing! love love love.



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