Monday, October 12, 2009

Cat Woman

Am quite the happy bee today, for reasons which you could but will not know, because i will be breaking the first rule, which is to never give yourself away. But i will tell you this, i feel like im about to explode, but in a good supernova-y type way.
I also noticed something today while on the tram home from uni; people are too afraid of people. Now, i will admit, i am quite afraid of people, but not in the way that i am afraid they will do something to me or hurt me, rather afraid in the way that i may do something to hurt their feelings or embarrass myself. So when a stranger tries to talk to me, my demeanour resembles that of a wild deer or cat; responsive, but wary and poised to spring away at any time. I wish i was more confident, it would be so nice to be so sure of myself. But i guess thats just not me.

Anyways end small rant. At least i know i am going in the right direction (now)
Oh, and I've added two new tasks to my infinate "before i get too old" to do list.
- Follow a band/musician/festival (probably tori amos :P) around the world
- Go to L.A to see Francesca Lia Block, and see the Metroplitan Museum of Art in New York - i never really had an interest in America until her. Oh and Scarlets Walk.

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