Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cupcakes, Coffee and Contemplation

Greetings from the other side. It is tuesday; tuesday is family day, tuesday is sally gets to use the internet day, tuesday is pub day. Tuesday is also cupcake day and coffee day as of today :D as i discovered the cutest cupcake bakery hiding in plain site at melbourne central! All tuesdays before shall pale in comparison because they are cupcakelsess :P

Something else i also discovered hiding in plain site:
Human beings really are ridculous creatures if you think about it. I've spent the last three years studying animals intensively, and so when i take a step back and look at humans as a species, i think "wow, how the hell did we get to the top of the food chain". I know our brains are highly evolved and we can use tools and solve complicated maths problems and stuff like that, but in terms of our emotions, some of them really have no evolutionary advantage. This sounds kind of odd, but really, if humans were going to take into account their own survival, there would be no use for compassion, or guilt, or jealousy - its all useless really in terms of survival, but things like compassion and love are so so so important for us to survive. Therefore, i think that science can not be the only thing that governs a human beings emotions - thats why i believe in fate, or at least some sort of higher force (not God, i don't believe in the restrictions of the Chrisitian God), but something else, something bigger. I'm a scientist, but i dont believe that science has all the answers.

Ive been spending waaay to much time daydreaming at uni haha!

Cupcakes and Coffee!

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