Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tunesday: Sara Watkins

The closest I can usually get to enjoying country music is when it toes the line with something else, be it folk or rock or one of the million sub genres of music that have evolved or have been created. It's hard to catagorise Sara Watkins into any of these, so instead I'm going to make this easy, and put it in the catagory of music that I like. I was turned onto Sara by one of my favourite podcasts of all time, The Nerdist Podcast; seriously, if you have any inclination towards nerd-centric pop culture, or are just a fan of good comedy and conversation, you should definitely give it a listen! It's free, and the last episode that was released is with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If that's not reason enough to hit the download button, well then, you're just going to have to trust me.

Anyways, this is my favourite song of hers from that Podcast, but I also really love the duet she did with Fiona Apple on her album, Sun Midnight Sun. I found this really cute video of them singing it live, so I'm going to post that too! Yay for double tunes!

I want Fiona Apples ridiculous hat. I really really do. 

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