Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bluejuice and Set Sail

There are so many things I could say about this past weekend, all the lovely moments I could go on and on about until someone decides they want to throw a fridge at me or something. Amongst these wonderful moments that spanned from Friday to Sunday night, I attended two brilliant gigs with my dear lovely.

Bluejuice - Prince of Wales

Yep. I had expected them to be about this level of crazy, but nothing could have prepared me for the caliber of their live craziness. There was stage diving, shirt shedding, I believe Jake walked across the crowd like Jesus walking on water at some point. And yet they still managed to sound damn good, which, given the circumstances, was highly impressive.
The set was just so high energy, I highly reccomend you seeing them if you can, because it is really hard to describe what you feel when at a Bluejuice gig, it could be something like a hybrid of awe, confusion and hysteria.
Highlights: Vitriol, Work, We Can Get Around It, Act Yr Age (there was more footage of Jake making out with the old lady, a la film clip), Broken Leg.

Set Sail - The Hi Fi

I love these guys. Lovely and I first saw them busking in the middle of the Melbourne CBD, and my first impression of them was that they just seemed so cool

Hmmm. Maybe goofy is a better word.

Lovely bought their EP while they were still chilling in Melbourne and busking their butts off, but since then they've evolved into this incredible live act that evokes all kinds of fuzzy warm sunshine feelings. From these humble beginnings, they have embarked on an around the world busk-a-thon, which has been documented and can be watched on youtube or on their facebook  (they're hilarous, and also fraught with pixilated nudity).
Anyway, their actual gig was quite short (only about 45 mins with encore), with a couple of  minor techincal problems along the way, but you could tell they were emotionally invested in their performance, and they were so stoked to be there, playing for such a huge bunch of people compared to what they would be used to on Bourke St.
Highlights: The Boat Song, Whales, Salt and Pepper, during which they pulled up two people from the crowd and made them dance together. There was also a conga line at some point throughout the set; it was like being at a beach party! (without the beach).

The rest of my weekend included cuddles, delicious penguin waffles, Phoenix Cola spiders, a new hair-do, blackcurrent cider and many many laughs :) Summer is coming, and it feels like it could really be great.

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