Sunday, September 5, 2010

Young Folks

"Nothing breaks the heart much more than looking at old photographs, when you can taste the moment, and worse still if it's passed." Josh Pyke, Vibrations in Air

Everything changes with time. People change with time, and not just physically; they change how they act, how they see the world, and how they see other people. Yet no matter how much we change, and how much time passes, we can always use photographs as time travelling wormholes to places where we worried less and laughed more and danced however we wanted to; these are a few of my favourite snapshots of fleeting moments long past.


  1. ohhh the memories <3
    however the memories i have partaken in, in this memory lane trip, seem to be accompanied by a slight case of intoxication...coincidence? lol

  2. lol i also noticed this drunkface lol!!! :P i love the random spontaneous photos, and they always seem to be accompanied by alcohol! i wonder why that is?


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