Monday, September 20, 2010

Washington - The Corner Hotel

I shall start this by saying that I have a ma-hajor girl crush on this woman. She is a sexy, kooky, dangerous, hilarious and extremely talented musician, and I wish I could put her in my pocket and take her home with me, but I don't want to deny the world of her. And you will be hearing about her, don't you worry! Soon the whole world will know the name Megan Washington!
This is of course sparked by me and lovely going to see her perform at the Corner on friday night, which was just brilliant; she was so full of energy, she looked gorgeous, sounded amazing, and you could just tell she was so stoked to be there. We were the first of 5 shows shes playing at the Corner, thus breaking industry records thank you very much, and as well as getting to hear all my favourite songs of hers (Sunday Best, Rich Kids, Navy Blues, Underground, Clementine, 1997 and my first and all time favourite How to Tame Lions, which gave me shiiiiivers) we also got to hear a new song (Plastic Bag, which was rad) a really hot cover of I Touch Myself, and a song about a Gorilla who fell in love with a lady at the zoo. Oh and I should break off from my swooning to say that the rest of the band played brilliantly too, I am always so captivated by her I forget to mention them (sorry!).
The only bad thingI have to say about the whole experience is that I should have worn higher shoes, and also I hate tall people who stand right in the middle of the mosh at gigs; I know you have the right to be there as much as everyone else but please, can you at least move to the side a bit? No matter where you are, you can still see, and you will gain masses of brownie points from hundreds of short people.

I couldn't find any good live clips of How To Tame Lions, so I'm just gonna post the clip, because its so cool

Oh and also, I would like to steal Dan Kelly's brain, and have it tell me stories. Or I could just steal Dan Kelly, that's probably less messy.
Listen to this song, and you will understand. Am so annoyed I missed this, I go here all the time -_-

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