Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My life according to HJ's

I love

Philosiphising and planning at hungry jacks <3 thanks to the fabulous onion rings and caramel sauce they have there, i have suddenly decided with the help of the woderful Master T that in 2 years i am going to move to ireland and study literiture and become a kooky literature professer, live in a colourful house and smoke weed with my students and make them listen to Tori Amos cd's and read books and write books about realistic fanatasy (like francesca lia block, who is my literary godess)


but first i must save money, and learn how to use a washing machine properly. oh and drink more beer :D i need to be in training so that when i get there i can keep up with all the uni pubsters :P

Thoughts for the day:

Yoga is an anti depressent; so is dancing - i should do both more! and eat less deep fried food :(

Sleep Time!


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