Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Light District

My boyfriend is pretty, but he has your eyes
Of broken glass glitter, the bluest of skies
So shut your mouth tightly, I can’t bare the sound
I think of you, nightly, when he’s not around.

Disclaimer: This is purely fictional. My boyfriend is lovely :)


  1. Oh Pandora...always so lovely. And your words are lovely too! Like a dark nursery rhyme.

  2. thankyou :) it was so weird, that verse just sprang up one day, and kept going round and round in my head, im not really sure where it came from!

  3. tee hee hee, you said boyfriend :)
    perhaps insertion of a squee here? lol

  4. lol i know, its weird hey..and at the risk of sounding like a squealing lamewad teenager im going to say it again....boyfriend! squee! lol!


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