Monday, February 8, 2010


So I finally saw Avatar a couple of weeks ago (after everyone I knew, and even people I didn't know telling me how brilliant it was). I had meant to see it ages ago, for merely superficial reasons such as the people are a beautiful blue colour and "Pandora" looked like the Amazon if it had been cross-bred with a rave party.
However, I left the movie theatre, not only having enjoyed being transported into this mythical paradise and seeing lots of sam worthington (who is exceedingly delicious to look at - all fans should see the movie version of Macbeth, where an even younger, badder and more naked worthington spouts lines of Shakespeare (nerdgasm), but also feeling exceedingly guilty for the simple fact of being a a middle class caucasion female. Why? Because this movie (and it is sad that it took a movie like this to bring these issues to the very forefront of my concious mind, which before had been dominated by problems such as me being sunburnt, hungover and hating my job) highlighted the fact the we, as a collective species, are nothing more than a group of usurpering, planet pilliging land raping racist hypocrits who can't even follow our own social constructs. I am speaking particularly on behalf of my people, as a white, middle class generation Y indigo child pompous self absorbed ex student who always uses too many adjectives in her sentences, that we, in the past, present and probably the future, have treated other groups of people who have different cultures, social heirachies and general ways of life that may not make sense to us, like trash, by deeming them to be savage, ignorant, animalistic and thus unfit to be treated with the same land rights and even general rights that should be granted to human being as us. This is of course ridiculous; coming from a scientific perspective and having studied animals for the past three years, there are many ways in which animals are a lot smarter and more evolved than we human beings, and so the comparison isn't really fiting. Extinction for all species is clearly inevitable, if we look at the evolutionary time lines of our planet. We just seem to be speeding up the process.
Urgh hang on I'm getting off track.

Ok, thoughts recollected.

This is a very difficult line to tread for me without deeming myself to be a hypocrit (one of the biggest contradictions in my life is that I am a passionate animal lover yet I eat quite a lot of meat, which i would like to change, but I can't bring myself to enjoy eating vegetables and so am faced with starvation or, well, lamb). As someone I once knew said, "Everyone is a little bit racist" which I suppose is true, as most human being are brought up with predjudices against something that is foreign to them. I am no exception. I am just acknowledging that what has been done to indigenous communities in the past as a result of European colonisation, not just in Australia but around the world was a horrible mistake, and I will try my best to dissacociate myself from this as best I can by not letting natural prejudices affect my judgement and actions towards people.

All that from a James Cameron movie. Hmmm...a lot more successful than Titanic methinks. And I only wanted to gawk at the pretty blue people. Stupid brain.

Rant Over and Out.

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